Resurfacing Grains 全效有機去角質面膜



  • Resurfacing Grains 全效有機去角質面膜
  • Resurfacing Grains 全效有機去角質面膜

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  • Resurfacing Grains is the most gentle exfoliator that removes top cellular layer of dead skin, which contains imperfections. Impurities are removed effectively without irritating or burning the skin. Leaves you with new flawless skin.

    溫和去除角質死皮,  淡化色素和疤痕, 溶解黑頭. 有效潔淨肌膚而不會刺激皮膚, 締造完美無瑕肌膚.

  • It is Clean: No Petrochemicals, No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Mineral Oil, No Chemical Additives, No Toxins, No Preservatives, No Synthetic Fragrances. 

  • Take 2 parts Resurfacing Grains and mix with 1 part water or Firming Toner to form a paste.

    - Apply anywhere and let dry for about 60 seconds.

    - While the paste is still moist, slough off in gentle upward motions; rinse with warm water or washcloth.ORGANIC MILK POWDER FROM NEW ZEALAND - The best selling product in the Evolue Skincare line are the Resurfacing Grains. One bottle lasts a long time. New skin is good skin, and every peel, microdermabrasion, laser, etc. is trying to get rid of the old skin and get to the new, fresh skin. The Resurfacing Grains are the gentlest method of exfoliation that will not accidentally burn or damage your new skin. It only has 3 ingredients: organic whole grain oat flour (don't worry if you are gluten-intolerant, you are not eating it), organic milk powder, and magnesium carbonate. I've tried every organic milk powder on earth because the one I use is made in New Zealand and it can only be imported through Japan. It’s always out of stock but the product will not work the same with other milk powders. As the milk powder is acidic and magnesium carbonate is alkaline, so the products must go though rigorous testing for pH balance before they are bottled.


      有機奶粉來自新西蘭 -  Evolue護膚系列中最暢銷的產品是表面修復穀物。一瓶持續很長時間。新皮膚是好的皮膚,每一個剝皮,微磨皮,激光等嘗試擺脫老皮膚,得到新的新鮮皮膚。重塑穀物是最輕柔的剝落方法,不會刺激或損壞你的新皮膚。它只有3種成分:有機全穀物燕麥粉(不要擔心,如果你是麩質敏感的話,你不是吃它),有機奶粉和碳酸鎂。我嘗試了地球上的每一種有機奶粉,因為我使用的是在新西蘭製造,它只能通過日本進口。他們總是缺貨,但產品不會與其他奶粉一樣工作。因為奶粉是酸性的,碳酸鎂是鹼性的,所以產品必須在瓶裝之前通過嚴格的pH平衡測試。

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