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16oz - 473ml 


NIXALL® SKIN & COAT GROOMING SOLUTION works to moisten the skin, maintaining a healthy and shiny coat for your cat, dog or equine animal. Used by Veterinarians and tagged as 'a groomer's best friend', NIXALL® SKIN & COAT SOLUTION is not
only safe and effective in making your furry friend look great, but it also removes odors on contact, leaving them smelling good too!

NIXALL® SKIN & COAT SOLUTION 可為貓, 狗帶來健康有光澤的⽑⽪保護. SKIN & COAT SOLUTION 由獸醫使⽤, 被標記為“寵物美容師的最好的朋友”, 不僅可以安全有效地滋潤你的寵物⽑⽪, ⽽且還可以消除異味, 使他們聞起來也很⾹!

  • Daily groomer for pet or horse寵物的⽇常美容師

  • Great for itchy dry skin or coat適⽤於乾性及發癢⽪膚

  • Ideal to use on dry patches適⽤於乾燥肌膚上

  • Moisturizes and softens skin滋潤和軟化⽪膚

  • The choice product for dog, cat or horse groomers 狗, 貓的美容師的⾸選產品

  • Safe for all animals, even reptiles and birds 對所有動物均安全, 甚⾄爬⾏動物和⿃類

  • Soothes itchy, irritated skin and improves appearance of hair, and fur all in one step ⼀次過舒緩痕癢, 敏感的⽪膚及改善⽑髮狀況

  • Safe to use around the eyes, nose, or mouth 可以在眼睛, ⿐⼦或嘴周圍使⽤

  • Safe if licked, and will not irritate wounds or sores 舔⻝是安全的, 不會刺激傷⼝或疼痛

  • Does not contain bleach 不包含漂⽩劑

  • Removes odors such as feces and skin odor 清除糞便等異味



  • Bathe as normal. 照常洗澡

  • Rinse with mixture by mixing 1 part Nixall® solution: 4 part water (1:4). After rinse, spray and rub into coat. 將1份⽑⽪滋潤噴霧與4份⽔混合, 在清洗過程中使⽤. 沖洗後噴霧噴灑在⽑⽪上.

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