Oxygen Serum + HOCL 消毒修復精華



  • Oxygen Serum + HOCL 消毒修復精華
  • Oxygen Serum + HOCL 消毒修復精華
  • Oxygen Serum + HOCL 消毒修復精華
  • Oxygen Serum + HOCL 消毒修復精華

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  • An effective yet lightweight serum that defends skin against signs of aging, softens fine lines, and aids in the reduction of skin irritations. Mimicking the body's natural immune defense system, our oxygen-rich serum with HOCL softens, hydrates, clarifies, purifies and illuminates. Your skin will feel radiant and alive, taking it back to the way nature intended. 

    質地透薄而有效的活膚精華,助皮膚抵抗任何衰老跡象、減淡幼紋,可以於敏感發炎時作舒敏之用。模仿人體自然抵禦能力,這一款帶氧精華包含 HOCL (次氯酸)可以活化,清潔(甚至用於妝容上),保濕和明亮皮膚,為您的肌膚提供天然營養,讓您煥發健康。

  • It is Clean: No Petrochemicals, No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Mineral Oil, No Chemical Additives, No Toxins, No Preservatives, No Synthetic Fragrances. 


  • Apply 2-3 Pumps onto cleansed skin morning and night, after cleansing.


  • Full Ingredients: Electrolyzed oxygenated water, sodium magnesium fluorosilicate, sodium chloride, (Dead Sea Salts), hypochlorous acid, hydrogen chloride. 

    100%天然成分: 電解含氧水,死海鹽和次氯酸

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